Monday, August 16, 2010

Joy Division

I just posted a new music player and it's called "Beyond Random". Since I've been totally obsessed w/70's rock lately, I forgot how much I loved the early '80s!

So enjoy a bit of Generation X and the amazing Joy Division! For all of those who don't know Generation X, it's Billy Idol's band from before he went solo.

This above doc is amazing! There is also one about their lead singer Ian Curtis called "Control". Although I can't say I enjoyed it because it's truly sad, I really, really, would recommend it as a great watch.

I think The Plymsouls might be on there too? I need to check these things out better before I go and post about 'em! lol Plymsouls sang Million Miles away, big '80's song and they also did a lot of the soundtrack for the beyond guilty pleasure movie, "Valley Girl". Another note, the only movie where Nicholas Cage was near attractive/interesting.

Just looked, there is also a mess of kuntry on there and some Zeppelin. What a weirdo mix!

Like it, love it, your getting more of it!

Thanks for reading,

P.S. Yet another important fact, after Ian Curtis (lead singer)died, Joy Division became New Order which was also awesome! If you are asking yourself, "How does this chick know all this useless to our daily lives crap?" Answer-Since I never made it to school much in the '80s and spent it mostly amped out of my mind, there was a lot of time to play Rock Music Trivia (think Trivial Pursuit). I always won☺

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