Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Honestly, really, I don't care what someone else is charging/giving, this is what I can do for you.

Hello All, another day another $1. Too bad no one is giving me that $1! lol Not gonna name names, this ain't calling out Etsy!

Wanted to address yet another woe of being a graphic designer, the lowballer. Now as most of you fantastic designers out there know, your services are usually under estimated and not appreciated for how much work you put in. Every chance these cheapos get they are luring you in w/the simple job ploy, small revision, etc. etc. You end up redoing their logo, formatting a brochure, and correcting the html on their site for $20!! As one person put it, "I don't get out of bed for anything under ____insert price amount here". I feel the same, except I need that $$$ for things and I'm willing to sell myself to the devil to get it. Okay, maybe not the devil, but some less than savory clients.

Let's address the BS that is coming at me from my Freelance sites...

Why can't I have unlimited revisions? Other designers are giving me unlimited mock ups/revisions for $25!

Answer- Does this even really deserve an answer? Come on people, why should I put in 8 hours of work for $25? If someone is willing to do that we have to assume their income is way below poverty level and/or they need bits for their portfolio.

Other designers have made from scratch illustrations and original fonts for less than $50.

Answer- Well, if they told you they were OOAK they either lied and/or had premade them. There is not way that anyone will make you an illustration for that amount of money. Maybe a circle?

I don't like anything you've given me so I don't want to pay. Other people I've worked with gave me my money back.

Answer- Seems like this type of customer has a problem working with one designer and wants everyone to chip in to his bank! If you pay for 5 mock ups/revisions and after all that you are unhappy, the work was done and gone. If you want to pay $500 I'll come over to your house and give you as many mock ups/revisions as you like! lol

DISCLAIMER!!! I have very wonderful clients so you know who you are and this is completely irrelevant to you. Thanks for working with me.

It's a sloooooow day here, not something I say often. I've been eating magic cookie bars instead of meals and it's working out fine☺ My husband is asleep, my oldest is complaining, and my youngest is talking to his video game. Overall, a perfect lazy day!

Ta Ta Tara Til Tomorrow!

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