Thursday, August 5, 2010

Cherie Currie

Holy f'n sh*t, it really was her! Starstruck stupid I am...

I just got a comment below that says it's from Cherie Currie and I'm beyond freaking out!!!! If this is really you I have to apologize if I sounded like a huge BITCH! I have been obsessively thinking about everything I read in your book for a week now and it put me into a big 'ol funk. (But good to remember where you have been so you don't go there again:) So know that I appreciate the message for the kiddies about not doing drugs and I was right there with you in the 80's. Born in '71 so I missed the great Bowie music and I was stuck w/China Girl Bowie.

For my loyal readers, friends, and coworkers, run, do not walk, buy the book, visit her site....

and rent "Foxes" with Cherie Currie. Her movie portrayal is like me in the bad old days, except blonde and thin! lol

For a hollywood version of the book (but still fab) The Runaways movie is a great watch!

Not a crazed fan, just someone who absolutely loves your work and is nostalgic for the music! Plus, being an artist I understand how putting all your energy into creative pursuits can really help out the psyche.

Love and thanks!

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