Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ahoy, Flora!

Nothing much to report. Trying to keep my head down, finishing off summer projects as best I can before the academic machine whirrs to life. But I've got some goodies/oddities to post as time permits. Today, a great find in Cape Girardeau, Missouri from last spring: Jim Flora's Fortune cover from May 1952. No, the promised paintings of merchant ships weren't by Flora. They had been removed, but seemed likely to have been pretty straightforward depictions. Unlike what graces the cover. As usual, Flora delivers a caprice on what, in other hands, might have been a dull affair: commercial shipping.

And no, they're not moored in the Gulf of Mexico. That black is figurative, doncha know.

Later, I'll get back to you with tips on How To Be An Employee when I get the article read.

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