Tuesday, July 13, 2010

When it rains, it pours...

NEVER say you are worried there is no more work, because you will wake up on Monday morning (which is coincidentally your son's BDay), and have a repeat of last week's craziness! I've honestly had to put the message out that I'm taking clients right now for next week and even then I might have to open up August.

No, no, not complaining. Just unbelievable how this economy has effected my business. All the people who were laid off and unemployed are now in need of graphic designers for their own business branding. Everybody is so scared of losing a job that they got smart and created their own! Which is extremely beneficial to moi! lol

I'm going to post some of my latest designs soon, I know I always enjoy seeing what others are creating.

Also, why not connect to me on LinkedIn? I just started on there, (okay, I just remembered I had an account;) and I'd love to add you all and give you a recommendation.

Thanks for reading...

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