Sunday, July 11, 2010

Posting, posting, posting...

A lot of posts these past couple of days! Now y'all know why my main blog has a header that says "I Blog Like You Twitter". In fact, I may make a graphic of that soon and copyright it. So shhh!!

Really no biz to speak of, got some logos to work on tomorrow and maybe finish up some stationary. Per request I will be at some time posting music from "The Band". They made me sing all day and now I can barely talk! Which made everyone else in the family pretty darn happy!

Anyhoo, tomorrow is my oldest son's BDay and he is turning 14. I know everyone says where the heck did the time go? But I feel like it's been a long road uphill, then a couple of slips back down again. So I'm ready to move on and push this kid through High School! My other son is starting middle school and I'm more nervous than he is.

Tomorrow, Aquarium, work, and watching other people eat cake!


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