Friday, July 23, 2010

Pass the sugar...

Okay, it's more of a PIF, but you get the gist of it. Right copy click to save and voila! You have your own .jpg of this yummy boutique treat!

"Terms of Use"

Since some unsavory people out there like to steal other people's work, claim it as their own, and/or sell it. I have to put this disclaimer...

Words and design are solely my property alone. You may copy this and use it for your own blog, website, etc. credit is not necessary but always appreciated. This image cannot be used as a link base. Although you are encouraged to send it to anyone you like, please be aware that it is not intended for resale or to be altered, so please let them know this. Under NO circumstances can you sell this in any format or claim it as your own original design. Usage for personal scrapbooks, crafts, etc. is more than okay☺

So you ask, "Tara, what inspires you to constantly make sugary treats?" Answer: I am so in LOVE w/frosting that if frosting were available I would marry it! I can't eat it by the tub anymore, so I have to get it where I can. I am an avid watcher of all those cupcake and cake decorating shows on t.v. and it's like dessert porn for me!

Thanks again for reading!

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