Monday, July 19, 2010

Missy's Tour de East

Hi! Missy here! I wanted to bring you along on the fun thing we did on Sunday; it's called "Sunday Parkways", and its where lots of people walk, ride bikes, skate, skateboard, unicycle, and do everything but drive on Portland's streets! Mommy got to pull me in my little bike-buggy and my big brother go to go behind Daddy on the trail-a-bike, and we all went on our big adventure with our friends Auntie Meghan and Uncle Will and their friends, too, all over East Portland. So, are you ready?I'm ready to go! Mommy and Daddy left the camera in my buggy, so I took lots and lots of cool pictures of our ride! Here's the view out my buggy window as we set off from our friends Auntie Meghan and Uncle Wills house. Let's go Parkwaying!Here's where we went, which is called East Portland, which my Daddy sometimes calls "Felony Flats" which I totally don't get, but my Daddy laughs at some things which I totally don't get sometimes except Mommy's jokes which he never laughs at hardly ever which makes Mommy totally mad.I call this "My Feet, Which Am Totally NOT Stinky", since my Daddy and Mommy always complain that when I come home from daycare after playing all day and not wearing any socks ever that when I take my shoes off my feet are totally stinky which they are totally NOT!We met these people, and they were totally giving away these totally cool lights, which Mommy put in my buggy, so I got to play with them while Daddy and Mommy and Shea-shea were riding. I also took a picture of the package, which was really colorful and pretty, too.I don't know who this boy is, but I thought this was a good picture so I took it.Did you know how cool it is to be Chinese? Well, everybody in East Portland does now, because our Lee's On Dong Association was in Lents Park with their lion and dragon dancers, traditional fan dancers, drummers, and lots of other really awesome Chinese stuff! And since I'm Chinese, too, I'm also totally great! The lion was a little scary, so Daddy put me on his shoulders, but Mommy and my big brother were really sweet cuddling together to watch. He was a really good lion, and all the people clapped for him!Here's me, the cutest and smartest preschooler in East Portland yesterday. I had my Daddy take this because my arms aren't long enough. He looks like he has an owie but he says it was just because the sun was in his eyes. Silly Daddy!After we left the fun park and said bye-bye to the lions Mommy zipped right along. She is really a good bike rider, almost like a Tour de France guy, but she totally missed the big pink donut truck even though I told her and told her to stop because my tummy totally wanted a yummy donut and I hadn't even had my second treat that day!Since I was the coolest preschooler in the ride, I should have been the fastest. We came up behind this gomer with his silly scooter strapped on his buggy on the way over I-205 and totally blew his door-flaps off. Loser!But there were other slowpokes in front of us and sometimes Mommy had to slow down and even stop for a little bit......and sometimes she even had to get off and walk!In the morning it was cold and gray but Mister Golden Sun came out and we were nice and warm!Here's Mommy's butt-butt, which - unlike my feet - really is kinda stinky and smells like butt but Daddy says it's nice which I don't understand but I saw it a LOT today.We're almost back to Auntie Meghan's, where we will have lots of tasty treats and Uncle Will will fight us with foam swords and make us laugh a really lot and I will sit on Daddy's lap and eat his food and he will pick me up in the air and give me raspberries on my tummy and make me laugh so that I won't feel bad that he misjudged the screen door and gave me an owie, Daddy!And here I am, me, your intrepid reporter. I am the cutests and my feet am not stinky! I love my Mommy, and Daddy, and sometimes my brother, but mostly I love being me!Bye, now!

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