Monday, July 26, 2010

Grey skies are gonna clear up..

put on a happy face! Yes, it's all frickin' coming together! After years of bad web hosting and the most glitchy code you ever tried to change, I have finally found a nice home for my website.

Graphic Design by Tara

Same domain, more samples, info., and navigation ease! Not only that, but you can now purchase directly from me. This means less fees, faster service, and no site hold ups!

Why not sign my guest book while you are there?

Graphic Design by Tara Guest Book

Of course all of my 0ther sites are still available, but this is just one more way to reach me.

Graphic Design by Tara Etsy

Graphic Design by Tara Elance

The above 2 are your other best bets for great prices, variety, and feedback.

Thanks for reading and all of your support!

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