Friday, July 9, 2010

Do not walk away, RUN!!!!

As a graphic designer I live to please all of my clients and it is always my hope that the respect/care I give them will be returned. Through many pitfalls I've compiled this list that will help you recognize when to say "when" in picking clients.

The quick fix...

Be warned, most people who claim any job as "quick" have no idea what goes into design work. Sometimes these jobs turn into the most time consuming of all and the client will probably not understand why.

It's so simple!

What looks simple to a potential client may in reality be a huge project! If you were unfamiliar with all that goes into a design and you drew/scanned something, you might think it would be easy too! But as we all know, a lot more work and thought can into something simple than something that appears complex.

This should take you no time at all therefore, I am paying you next to nothing.

Pretty self-explanatory but let's address this anyway. I have NEVER taken a job like this where it didn't turn into twice the amount of time and a lost of wages. That's not to say there isn't someone nice out there who just needs a simple tweak on their logo. But most "nice" people do not admit up front they don't think the skill to do the job is worth anything. Next!

I could do it myself, but I haven't got the time.

Another one to run from because either;

They are another designer and it's never going to meet their expectations.
The client really knows nothing about design but wants you to think they do.

Either way it's kind of shady to begin with and I'd stay away from it.

To all my fabulous clients out there this obviously does not apply to you! Especially since I haven't take a job with these phrases in a long, long, time. But hopefully, you can avoid this too and take a tip from my own mistakes.

More to come as I bring this blog back to life...


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