Sunday, July 25, 2010

Dixon & Quatrano

I have been working on a range of projects, both visual and written, and have fallen away from posting regularly. Insofar as I've been able to stay focused, that's a good thing. (God knows that Twitter is out of the question for me).

But I have missed the curatorial aspects of this activity. I'm going to work on getting more visual matter up and on view, in most cases to celebrate it, but not always.

The image at the top of this post is a book cover by Maynard Dixon. More than a year ago I assigned a student in my Commercial Modernism class, Sarah Quatrano, to research Dixon for a presentation. She did a nice job, and in response to my request, burned a disc of some of the Dixon material she found. In the crush of a home & studio move over the course of the last year, I misplaced that disc, then rediscovered it.

Dixon had a complicated career, blending commercial work with later Western landscape stuff for gallery contexts. He got his start doing Mulford's Hopalong Cassidy novels. He married several times, secondly to Dorothea Lange, of FSA photography fame. I'm offering neither narrative nor assessment here; primarily I wanted to post that great Cassidy cover, which at the moment serves as my mobile phone's wallpaper.

Sarah Quatrano has done some great work, notably a project called Deathnography, which I notice has not yet shown up on her blog or site. (Gentle nudge, Sarah...) Thanks for the disc, Ms. Quatrano.

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