Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Myself & Chris have been approached again by the Union to hold another Visualyze after the last events success! We hope to hold one each semester, allowing new students to get involved and to spread this art collective even further! The next event will be on:
Wednesday 10th of November
-Our plan is to find musicians/performers/DJ's & VJ's over the summer who would like to perform on the night :)
-Then with our team of graphic designers & illustrators we hope to create a new logo, the posters & flyers so that everything is ready and printed for freshers week!
-All artists can get in touch after the new semester starts, as we will focus on the exhibition side of things then, leading up to the event!
-We will try and exhibit as many artists as the space can physically hold, having both a cinema space for short films, animations and music videos, and also all the wall space for paintings, illustratrations, photography, scluptures, installations, projections, textile pieces, and anything that you want to exhibit! :)
If you would like to get involved then please email us at: forward to hearing from you! :)

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