Tuesday, March 16, 2010

In other news...

If you have been keeping up w/my life, (which incidentally I'm not even doing!!! ) lol I am almost done taking a business course in logo design and I challenged myself by picking my own shop to make a logo for. Did I mention that I HATE making things for myself and I wish I'd known this beforehand. Please take a look at the final draft that I am currently using for PW Ads.
Pretty snazzy, eh? I've started making all of my own clip art and I incorporated this into my new logo. I learned a lot in my new class;

1. I don't EVER want to work in corporate America.2. People on Etsy have very different logos than people off Etsy.
3. I need to rush out and buy a different design program than Adobe Photoshop if I want a serious career in this field.
4. I need a new computer, (see above).
5. Online classes rock! It's the only way I'll ever go back to school.
What next? I'm thinking about taking a legalities class so I can waste my time spouting off copyright info. and getting angry w/people for violating other people's rights. Just kidding, I hate that cr*p! Just think this would be an interesting class and help me write my TOU's and sign over rights to other people for graphics, logos, etc. Learning is fun! Boy, never thought I'd say that☺


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