Thursday, December 24, 2009

Bethlehem Backdrop

It's been raining hard all day. Weather reports further north and west suggest misadventures galore in snow and ice, so I guess we should be happy with simple old dreary in St. Louis.

Last year around this time, on my way west, I stopped to see my friend Todd and wife Eileen in Kansas City. It was snowing then, in early December, and I arrived on the scene as Todd was scrambling a little at work to finish a backdrop for a Christmas pageant where he teaches. I helped him paint the scene as we caught up on each other's news. As we worked, Todd was fielding phone calls from family members about a health crisis in Minnesota. I stayed at their place that night, and headed across Kansas the next day.

Todd was kind enough to send this picture along days later, even as a very sad story played out for his family.

I am thinking of that evening, strange and worrisome and genuine, tonight.

God bless us all, in all our pageants, this Christmas Eve.

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