Monday, May 4, 2009

Merman Frolics Outside Hotel

Haven't posted in a while. Still chugging to the semester finish line. But I have been working on some things and being surprised by the results. Some new tectonics I'll discuss soon. In the meantime, here's a sketchbook painting I did of an art deco figure, which is part of the a larger group called The Meeting of the Waters, an allegorical fountain representing the confluence of the Missouri and the Mississippi, which occurs just north of St. Louis. The group was conceived and produced by the sculptor Carl Milles, a Swede, who taught at Cranbrook in Michigan. I think of it as lovable and slightly goofy, but also appealingly imaginative and quite substantial in its way. The sculpture sits in front of the commercialified, non-functioning Union Station on Market Street. Someday I'll go in there and draw the stained glass windows, which are also allegorical depictions of geography and adventures in manifest destiny.

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