Wednesday, May 6, 2009

AIGA Shindig; Party Favors

Dan Zettwoch has posted his monument to heart disease over at his blog, which is likely to dominate tomorrow evening's AIGA festivities. (His print, that is, not his blog--though the latter is always lively and attractive!) 20 people were invited to produce 20 items apiece, moi included. I'm looking forward to seeing the results. Between grading and other waning responsibilities around the old Ivory Tower, I produced my entry and got it there, if in a slightly less than timely way. My project does not require serious organ failure. Rather, it involves two variations on one concept: the idea of a "local figure" somehow congratulating the St. Louis chapter on its 20 year anniversary. I posted a drawing the other day of one such figure. Above, another--this one the Federhofer Bakery sign on Gravois--paired with a Local Figure/AIGA word mark. The equestrian figure at the bottom makes a pretty direct reference to the Saint Louis statue in front of the St. Louis Art Museum.

Two things I'll say about this: 1) I seem to be emerging from a period of straight-reportage-as-visual-restoration, and moving back toward the observation-meets-caprice approach that characterizes many of the prints I made more than a decade ago, and 2) I'm jazzed to find myself integrating the handmade sketchbook painting and the more design-driven vector language. I'm seeing new possibilities in page designs and potential spreads for things I've been noodling over.

I'll come back to the cartoon-and-caprice language thing soon. I'm grinding away on it in my head--eager to get busy as spring yields to summer...

Images: DB Dowd, Local Figure Series #2, 2009; Dowd, The Acquisition, from Visit Mohicanland, linoleum reduction print, 1997.

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