Sunday, March 1, 2009

Onsite Research, Punctuated

I gave myself the months of January and February to wrap up the onsite experiments that began in earnest last May, and intensified during the fall. I have learned, I think, what is necessary to proceed to the next phase, which will involve more of the same, but importantly will require the composition of sequential works using the same methodology. I am beginning to put together some ideas for same. In the meantime, I am going to shift my energies to writing for the next few months.

Here are a few efforts from the last little stretch. I posted this image months ago, with a few other airport drawings I made on a trip to Denver last September. I decided to execute a more finished version in a pretty strict two-color system, almost as if it were a relief print. I had been working with full value ranges of given hues, so thought I'd change it up on this one.

I made the trip in part to see a curator at the Denver Art Museum, which is a fascinating case study among American art museums for reasons I'll articulate another day. But they have an excellent collection of American Indian art, which is very effectively and provocatively installed. I hung around and drew for ninety minutes or so, and produced this drawing. I had been thinking I'd go back and paint it, but it never happened. I think I'm calling it done. But this image marked a point of departure into comic panel formatting in the sketchbook work, so I think of it as important. This formatting will play an important role in the longer things I'm thinking about.
Finally we traveled to Florida at the end of last month to visit my folks and celebrate my father's 80th birthday. I sat in a golf cart at the edge of the practice green at the development where my folks spend a few winter months. I made this drawing, then came home and painted it. I had intended to finish it, but I guess I lost interest. I added a few clarifying pencil lines to wrap it up and call it done. I think it may have benefited from my moving on.

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