Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Imperious but Fragmentary Woman

Things are really busy! Dreaming of getting some drawing done. Tonight I looked through some shopping mall drawings from almost a year ago. Want to go back for more--mall, that is, as well as documenting highway construction that will soon be complete. The half-finished stuff is fascinating to me.

There was an Indian family in the sitting area where I was drawing that day, outside Macy's. Mom and Dad, son and daughter. Three of the four were on cell phones. Mom was somewhat squat, very elegant, almost haughty. She seemed to be evaluating her phone as much as texting on it. Great shoes, too. I ended up drawing pieces of her, with hopes of reassembling her. But she looked much better in this more spontaneous fragmentary guise. I loved the way she held her right hand.

The really chunky woman in the middle part of the image was someone else.

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