Thursday, February 12, 2009

What Peanuts?

On Monday I pinch-hit for John Hendrix in the junior Word & Image class. He had the students working on graphic elements, emblems or logo-like forms for one of several animals: hippopatamus, komodo dragon, ring-tailed lemur, and two more. You can see hippos, dragons and lemurs about a mile from here at the zoo in Forest Park. The students had done just fine in their first round of work, which (inevitably) betrayed the limits of Google research.

Anyway, going through some materials to prep a lecture I came across this Collier's cover illustration of a kid, a zoological gendarme and a yawning beast. Thought I'd pass it on to the hippo-makers. How about a pink-and-orange hippo mouth? Herbert Paus, Don't Feed the Animals, Collier's, August 24, 1929.

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