Friday, January 9, 2009

Welcome Meathaus Readers

Pleased as punch to have received a link from Meathaus, a great site for the visually hungry. Thanks, folks, and welcome to my notebooks and kitchen table.

The image above is from an election day series I produced in collaboration with the St. Louis Beacon, one of the next-generation good journalism outlets. Drawn from the steps of the St. Louis World War One Memorial, an art deco tomblike affair. A visual counterweight to the quote transcribed at the top of the image. I did not plan the juxtaposition, but there is something quite satisfying about the visual grouping of Rush Limbaugh and a horse's ass.

The Meathaus image was taken from this post, a reflection upon my recent work.

Come on back from time to time--I'm working hard to keep things fresh, both in terms of the pictures and the visual culture criticism.

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