Thursday, December 18, 2008

Mesa Yowsa

Okay, I'm posting a few quick photographs, then enough with the vacation pictures already. There's work to do, people! Plus I'm sort of snowed in. Big storm across the Southwest last night.

Yesterday as the day was fading I made a quick hike on the Mesa Arch loop in Canyonlands. Like a lot of the hikes that start off the main road you start along thinking, yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever this isn't so dramatic. This sense was heightened by the fact that a big cloud bank had settled over the elevated park, making the far edge of the east canyon invisible. A foggy murk. So I trudged along until I approached Mesa Arch, a sort of squinty eye opening up above the canyon, maybe twenty-five or thirty feet across, then--

Holy Crap! This is one vertiginous vantage point! You think the canyon will reach up, grab you by the belt, and pull you in. Truly magnificent, made more so somehow by the fog.

I walked along the rim for a little bit, then headed back to my trusty Impala as day ended and the storm worked up some gumption to the west...

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