Thursday, December 25, 2008

Aaaargh! Simple Simon!

This is a public apology to everybody in my webmail lists who will have just received an idiotic message informing them that I have added them as a "friend" at a business site masquerading as a social one. A person who really is a friend "sent" me an email notifiying me of such. Because I have reason to be in contact with her, I responded. Somehow this diabolical site dashed in, sucked out all my webmail contacts, and automatically sent messages to everyone with whom I have recently been in email correspondence. These messages inform the recipient that I have added them as a "friend" at said site. I am aghast that such has occurred. Please accept my apologies. Delete all such messages at once.

I'm the dumb-butt in the picture looking at the email--er, pies.

Frederick Richardson, "Simple Simon Met a Pieman," The Vollard Edition Mother Goose, 1913.

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