Friday, November 7, 2008

New Look

My work has been moving in the direction of the handmade, and away from the digital. No implicit value judgment there, I hasten to add. It seems appropriate to head this way, that's all. I'll explore that in some writing soon. But the look of the blog has been seeming out-of-date to me. Moreover, with the launch of, my new studio site, I wanted to integrate the two.

This painting was executed for the MySci project a year or two ago. It's an American Woodcock. (How much wood could a woodcock cock if a woodcock could cock wood?) Like all these pieces, the painting was designed to be rebuilt in a vector language, which it was, for scalability and other reasons.

The animal, along with scores of others, was printed and placed on a shaped magnet, to be positioned by K-2 children in an environmental mural. (The environment part of the project was mind-bogglingly complex: an illustrator file with about a thousand layers and a zillion points.)

The typographic portion of the banner is set in House Industries' Rhumba, as is my name in the studio site logotype lockup.
Scott Gericke was kind enough to help me with the lockup. He told me not to use Rumba for anything else, and he was probably right, but I liked the visual relationship between the letterforms and the pointed plumage shapes of the bird. (I should also say the that somewhat clunky arrangement of the tables at will be addressed as time permits--pace Scott!)

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