Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Less Than Swimmingly

The Masters Swimming Discussion Forum moderator deleted my comment for political content. The message read:
Your posts on the Obama T Shirt thread have been deleted. Political discussion is not acceptable here, and it is also not acceptable to try to skirt the rules by posting a link to your external blog where such discussion takes place.
Fair enough. I did not object, but did observe that such controversies in these exasperated times of ours were often politics dressed up as something else. Like "culture."

The local organizers of the event have had their hands slapped for giving out the Obama shirts, and now two discussion threads on the USMS forums are being shut down.

Time for a big chill pill. But after you're done chewing wait at least 45 minutes before going in the water, because otherwise you'll get a cramp and drown.

Image: Al Parker, Mother and Daughter Swimming, Ladies Home Journal cover illustration, August 1946.

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