Thursday, July 10, 2008

Birthday Diorama

My wife's birthday is July 9. I always make her a card. This year I acted like I was only dimly aware that it might even be her birthday, and she totally took the bait. Woke up first and searched the house for her card. No luck. She was crestfallen. After she left I ran out and picked up her cake (a demure little affair, but layered lemon--mighty good) with an orchid made of sugar from her favorite bakery, plus some color-coordinated chocolate almonds. A little work with a Sharpie and voila! a goofy diorama celebrating her feat of reaching the next prime number. (I am somewhat numerologically fixated on such things--I have a mystical relationship with my odometer, and I fancy prime-numbered birthdays.) I also got her six yellow roses, to match. Suffice to say, I scored. Metaphorically speaking. She took the photographs.

One happy pepper.

That's me on the left.

A bemused egg and a rabid fortune cookie. Today I absentmindedly ate all the almonds. Bummer.

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