Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Gigantic Space Crab!

A few days ago I had a pile of bureacratic written work to do. I popped in another of my stack of Astro Boy DVDs just to see what else I'd find. The promise of Episode 47 was impossible to resist. What would you do if offered the option of a Gigantic Space Crab? As it turned out, the show featured a peculiar story and set of characters, including enormous space pigs on a sort of HMS Beagle mission to collect quirky species from distant planets to take back home for the pig planet zoo.

Pig tubage.

Galactic zoo action.

A unscrupulous carnival impresario (above) makes a deal with the space pigs to get a giant space crab for his show, which sets up a Kongian disaster in the arena, followed by an escape requiring the intervention of Astro Boy.

Come one, come all!

Of course none of this is really worth articulating. What matters is the design of the space crab itself, which seems to suggest a low budget ill-conceived Man Ray animation project. The crab looks like an amalgam of

a) a scorpion
b) a trumpet-cum-thorax
c) two pairs of scissors
d) a cootie bug

with the important addition that all of these items/sources retain their identities. Hence the crab's "claws" do in fact look just like scissors and the trumpet valves are still there on the loped back of this thing. What was the idea?

Oh, crap!

Call out the army!



Bigger bummer.

The smoke begins to clear on an unfolding disaster.

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