Saturday, March 22, 2008

Snarky and the Wiffles: Student Samples

Word and Image 2 students are at work on a project I described recently. Here are two samples of the project from last year, which show shot sequencing and the use of minimal animation to tell the story. Note that the artwork is rough--the problem calls for the creation of 50 to 60 images synchronized to a piece of music with not much time to actually build the art. Both Dmitri (above) and Sarah (below) used sharpies and digital color to bang the images out. The focus is on the communication of a story in a sequential set of pictures in the manner of a film. It's surprisingly hard and frustrating at first, but these examples suggest that clarity and wit are both possible. Since the images go by quickly, our brains are focused on putting the story together, not evaluating the art according to hang-it-on-the-wall standards. Explains how a lot of film trickery works when you get under the hood...

Projects: Dmitri Jackson, Snarky and the Wiffles, 2007; Sarah Halbert, Snarky and the Wiffles, 2007.

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