Saturday, March 8, 2008

Dreamy Deco

It's pouring rain in New York. Sigh.

Going to a great city is a lot like going to a great art museum. I often use such experiences to track my own episodic interests, by paying attention to what captivates me. A high-speed browse through a museum often tells me much about where my visual sense is heading, especially in times of transition. Where I linger matters, almost in a diagnostic sense.

So this time to the city I am finding myself paying more attention to Art Deco architectural details than I recall. I stumbled into an antique dealer's shop specializing in Art Deco fixtures, and I poked around in the Chanin Building and then the Chrysler lobby. Sometimes Art Deco leaves me cold, like an empty heraldry, but for some reason it seems quite winsome this weekend.

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