Sunday, February 3, 2008

Hendrix at the Plate: More Artball

John Hendrix has submitted an Artball lineup with an excellent concept (of course) and logo. The New York Deadlines bring a strong lineup, with an especially dominant left side, and Norman Rockwell as a closer. Saul Steinberg makes an appearance almost as a throwaway reliever. I think as the season progressed he would work his way up. Can you imagine trying to hit a Steinberg slider? I have a quibble or two: Barry Blitt seems a little thin and scratchy to manage things behind the plate, and Coby Whitmore is overrated. But I really like Weaver at third, Wyeth in left and Cornwell in center, which anticipates a little my own lineup, an item I will be posting soon.

The true stunner is this: Bob Peak as the DH? What? When questioned, Hendrix allowed that he hates the American League. "Bob Peak is my protest pick."

Sigh. National League snobs...

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