Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Somewhere Beyond the C

For a variety of internal and external reasons, we are preparing to change the name of our department from "Visual Communication" to "Communication Design." The handy old abbreviated viscom doesn't translate so well to comdes, and VC is better than CD. So we were faced with a problem: how to colloquify the name? Heather Corcoran and Gregg Thompson came up with the excellent sea-des, creating all manner of opportunity for aquatic/nautical imagery, especially since our basement offices in our new facilities in Steinberg hall have a bit of the submarine about them. In an effort to be helpful--I am nothing if not a team player--I banged out the word-image extravaganza above to assist in the cause. At Heather's request there is a secondary signature line image for departmental emails, should the identity clear the executive committee.

Image: D.B. Dowd, mock identity, Communication Design, 2008.

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