Thursday, November 1, 2007

Nothing Lasts Forever

The image above is a recently finished print by Todd Peterson, an artist, baseball historian, and monastic screen printer. These things have hundreds of colors on them--I've seen them in production. Can you imagine a seriagraph with relief passages? It's true. He works on them for months and months. The print, But Who will Remember the Buxton Wonders, refers to an African American baseball team in the briefly prosperous mining town of Buxton, Iowa. Todd writes, "When the mines went bust in the early teens, so did the town and team - virtually overnight. Five years later not a vestige of Buxton remained." Botticelli's angel and Giotto's saint make appearances, as do Josh Gibson, Jackie Robinson, Babe Ruth (who is prostrate) and Dizzy Dean (who is on his way down). Finally, "nothing lasts forever - not art, mining towns, ball teams, or alas, the countries they played in."

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