Thursday, November 1, 2007

Artball Submissions Due Today

GT Readers: I have some excellent artball lineups in my possession, and look forward to posting them soon. The deadline is today, and I will receive submissions through 5pm CST. I have been asked whether I would accept lineups made with filmmakers or dancers. I say, why not? The exercise of the analogic muscle is the same, and we'll enjoy them all. I will be filling out my own card today with illustrators, having assiduously avoided reading line-ups built with same.

Brian Rea, illustrator and art director of the Times op-ed page is visiting Wash U today, and will be lecturing tonight. Maybe we'll thrust a lineup card at him and get his take.

In the meantime, Messrs. Flynn and Dunlavey: are you so stuffed with self-satisfaction in the aftermath of the Bosox championship run that you cannot rise to the artball challenge?

Image: no illustrator credit available, Pearson's Magazine. May 1911.

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