Sunday, October 21, 2007

Robert Weaver ALCS Game 7 Special

For those who live in the Venn Diagram almond shape that represents the overlap of Set B [the set of all baseball fans] and Set G [the set of graphic history aficionados] I offer two Robert Weaver images in the minutes before the first pitch of Game 7. The first is an outrageously great drawing of Mickey Mantle tossed off with charcoal while doing research on assignment for Sports Illustrated in 1962; the second is tearsheet from the visual essay as it appeared in print.

I'll post more of these fantastic sketchbook drawings sometime down the road; they and a great deal more Weaver material are in the Washington University collections, which were donated by the Weaver family, for which we all should be forever grateful. The sketchbook is an absolute knockout. It was given by Robert's brother Fritz. I will never forget the day that he showed it to Jeff Pike and me in his apartment in New York. It was (and is) a revelation of sharp-eyed reportage, as the drawing of Mantle suggests. The SI feature appeared in the March 5, 1962 issue, and was titled "Spring Training: Fresh Starts, New Hopes."

Stay tuned after the game...

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