Thursday, October 25, 2007

Friday Salamagundi

My modest reflections on American Indians and visual culture are just that--modest. For a more thoroughgoing read of native issues, stereotyping, and contemporary visual culture created by and for Indians, check out Rob Schmidt's excellent blog, Newspaper Rock:Where Native America meets Pop Culture. The blog is named for a rock face in Utah, near the south entrance to Canyonlands National Park that has been covered with graffiti over hundreds of years. I photographed it last summer, but I can't seem to locate the images. Rats.

Instead, I've posted a wigs-meet-the-natives extravaganza, courtesy of Dean Cornwell. This mural, titled Treaty of Lancaster, may be found in the Detroit Athletic Club. Cornwell painted it in 1936. The mural commemorates the 1744 deal between the Iroquois and the British in which the former ceded land west of the Alleghenies, which helped set up the French and Indian War. Which bears on Detroit I'm not certain how, beyond the obvious fact that Deh-twah became Dee-troyte.

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