Thursday, September 6, 2007

The Kindness of Strangers

In recent days I’ve been the beneficiary of a link put up over at Drawn!, courtesy of Bob Flynn’s recommendation. Before that, Graphic Tales got a link from Irwin Chusid at It would seem that some are interested in a theoretical or analytical take on this sprawling realm of functional or commercial images. I am grateful for the links, and eager to keep exploring this territory. I am committed to working my way through a set of foundational topics early this fall, a series of posts defined as Defining the Territory (or simply Territory) one through a dozen or so. I will be sprinkling a mix of appreciations and interpretive riffs intermittently along the way. Then we’ll see where we are, and chart a course from there.

In light of my recent set of posts on informational images and spaces to match, here’s a fabulous Jim Flora image tasked with making a bunch of lab equipment look like the most engaging stuff possible. I love this mix of visual cunning, design acumen and graphic exuberance deployed on a mundane problem.

Image: Jim Flora, magazine cover, Research and Engineering, January 1956.

Welcome, new visitors! I’ll do my best with quality and quantity. Look for a Territory post this weekend.

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