Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Creative Corps Ensemble Cast

A recent project provided an interesting challenge: create a group of four characters with appeal to high school students that also capture pathways in a contemporary art school. The client accepted the character concept but passed on the idea of naming them. Designer Scott Gericke and I had names for them nonetheless. They are, from left, Barry Brushstroke, Dana Designer, Freddy FX, and Sarah Sculptor.

Because I have a terrible weakness for the cheesy use of Ks, I wanted to name the group Kreative Korps. Unsurprisingly the university wasn't buying that.

I worked on this project while contemplating whether I'd call it a cartoon or an illustration. I'd opt for the latter, even though I make active use of cartooning shorthand to create the characters' heads, especially.

These images do not really capture the color on the finished poster: the yellow is really a fluorescent yellow green, and the orange is also fluorescent. The thing is pretty electric-looking. I saw the run today.

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