Thursday, August 16, 2007

A Toonistration Contest

Dan Zettwoch (of Redbird and Fuelman fame) has commented on the illustrator versus cartoonist nomenclature thread and provided us with a memorably pithy summary: "there is...a pre-supposition that cartoonists draw bug-eyes and sweat droplets and illustrators cross-hatch pirate scenes."

And that supposition would be...correct! Perhaps it will be possible to cross-breed these approaches. Thus, let us have a synthetic drawing contest. I invite electronic mail and message-in-bottle submissions for the Platonic version of this idea, the Zettwochian illustration-cartoon blend, a perfectly-balanced centaur of eyeballs and hatching (or something like that). Subject matter to be selected from the following: 1) musketeers, 2) frog princes, 3) baker-men, 4) ingenues, 5) personified automobiles, and 6) other.

The man below has chosen to rely on industrial means to generate the perfect hybrid image, but his hopes are doomed. I will post the most distinguished entries in this most sober of all contests in ten days, on August 27.

Images: By nature I am an optimistic person, but when, on an unhappy day, I am persuaded that the world is indeed headed to hell in a handbasket, I often ascribe some causality for same to the loss of open-ended Lego play; this image captures perfectly the contemptible rise of the right-way-to-assemble Lego product, designed to come in at exactly the proper price point for a harried parent en route to a somebody else's child's birthday party at the local cheese pizza and skeeball parlor; package graphic, Lego Pirate set, circa 2000; animation still, Tezuka's Mighty Atom (Astro Boy) Episode 1, in which the bereaved Frankenstinian/Geppetoesque Doctor Boyton creates a mechanical boy to replace his son, killed in a cartoon car crash. 1963.

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