Friday, July 6, 2007

Coming Soon

This project will hit the pavement for real around September 1, 2007. I look forward to using this medium to form thoughts about the sprawling realm of pictorial graphic culture, and to foster discussion and exchange about commercial images and what they mean. The image above was taken from the cover of a textbook titled The Making of Modern America, published in 1960--the year of my birth--by Houghton Mifflin as part of the Riverside Social Studies Series. Ah the majesty of hydroelectric power, commercial shipping, and modern chemical production; o the immaculate cityscape and handsome (plus handy) hills, just past the crisply-defined edge of settlement. It's all quite hopeful and confident: industrial-arcadian self-sufficiency. Sheeler, a little buzzed, with watercolors from a helicopter. The spatial compression of high desert, widening river, green foothills, urban archictecture and ocean port activitity is agreeably managed. The illustrator is uncredited.

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